revive-your-email-listFeeling like your email list has lost its beat? With the average consumer exposed to over 90 minutes of advertisements a day, it can be hard as a marketer to keep email subscribers and engagement up, let alone get the attention span of your audience. While some may feel that email marketing is simply no longer working for their company, we suggest trying a few revival tips before calling it quits.

The fact is, most people are checking their email daily. Not to mention that your email list contacts are one of the few precious marketing tools that you own. Social media platforms, including your Facebook and Instagram followers, are not your contacts to keep in the event that one of the platforms shuts down, or changes their policies.

So while email marketing might feel like a challenge in the noise of our digital world, it’s one we certainly believe should be embraced. Why do we still feel the love for email marketing?

• It means more leads for your company
• The potential for more sales
• A massive ROI averaging $38 for every dollar invested
• Less marketing costs because you aren’t paying for impressions or clicks
• Better quality leads because they chose to be on your list, you’re already halfway there!

If starting, growing, or maybe full-on reviving your email list is a goal for your business, here are a few tips to help build a thriving list:

Tip 1: Add a link to subscribe to your email signature

If you’re sending out correspondence emails for any reason to potential or existing customers, it’s a great idea to include an option to sign up for your newsletter or download a freebie right in your email signature. This will get noticed every time you send an email, as opposed to only being seen when a visitor lands on your website and catches your opt-in.

Tip 2: Remind your social media followers what else is available

Just because you can’t depend on social media followers like you can your email subscribers, doesn’t mean that pitching your opt-in or newsletter on social media is off limits. In fact, we think it’s a great idea to remind your fans that you have a newsletter, exclusive email offers or other incentives and programs that they can take advantage of. Share it loud and proud!

Tip 3: Create a fresh, new freebie

If you’ve been offering the same deal, incentive or freebie for the past few years, it’s time to freshen things up! Create something new that your subscribers, or should we say, potential customers, would be excited to take advantage of. Think back to some of the incentives that have caught your own attention. What made you sign up to be on an email list for another company? Was it a quiz, free challenge, or access to a free training or exclusive promotions? These opt-in ideas are high value and much more likely to encourage someone to subscribe to your email list.

VIP-email-listTip 4: Send out an offer exclusive to your subscribers

If you’ve had a stagnant email list for quite some time, it’s important to remind those who have stuck around that you appreciate them. You could offer a discount, promo or giveaway and let them know it’s exclusive to subscribers only. This will create the feeling that your email list is a VIP experience, and who doesn’t want that?

Tip 5: Design an eye-catching subscribe box

Take a look at your website and specifically the look and location of your current subscribe or opt-in boxes. Are they compelling? Do they grab your attention? Would you want to subscribe to your own email list? If not, don’t forget the importance of a prominent and well designed opt-in box on your website. Any new visitors, and even regulars to your site, might not even notice you have an email list if the subscribe space is lacking that full-of-life kind of feel. Make it look exciting!

So there you have it – our 5 tips to revive your email list! Hope you’re feeling inspired to rev up your email engine. But don’t worry, if the thought of website updates or designing a new freebie makes you feel like flatlining, just give us a call at 508-652-0012.