NESO 2011The Northeastern Society of Orthodontists is a constituent of the American Association of Orthodontists, serving the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canadian Provinces. The group meets once a year, and in November 2010, NESO is holding their annual get-together in picturesque Montreal. The meeting will feature a lineup of world-renowned experts from the field of orthodontics that will prove to be an intriguing weekend benefiting and inspiring all who are attending. With the help of their designated speakers, NESO strives to provide an educational forum with a means to discuss the art of orthodontics, sponsor research and to maintain a level of excellence within the field itself.

Sabre recently had the distinct pleasure of providing NESO with event promotion services, and creating a high-impact video that highlights the European romance and exotic aspects of Montreal. The video will be featured on the NESO website and will also be shown at future meetings to promote and boost attendance at the 2010 event. In the past, Sabre branded NESO’s 2008 event in Providence, RI by creating a promotional video, including an on-location shoot with a message from the acting President of the organization, as well as signage and collateral materials for the event.

Looking forward, Sabre is working full force on the branding and promotional video and materials for the 2011 event to be held in Boston, MA at the Marriott Copley Hotel. The video materials for the Boston meeting will highlight the modern aspects of Boston as well as create a new approach to opening the event to other areas of dental practice. Sabre is proud of our solid partnership with NESO and looks forward to working with them on many exciting projects in the future.