embossed_printingSpecial occasion events such as grand openings, galas, celebrations, parties, product launches, tradeshows and other events or promotions are the perfect time to send cards, invitations or marketing materials with a unique touch and “wow” factor. For businesses, special printing effects are utilized strategically as a contributor to overall brand identity. Your printed materials should share the same characteristics and aesthetic of your company. Break out of the “same old, same old” of traditional printing options and jazz up your print pieces with a lasting effect using specialty inks and decorative finishes!

We have all seen specialty inks in effect during our everyday lives. Product packaging, perfume testers in magazines and greeting cards are just a few examples of places where we look at innovative inking. Using visual effects is a great way to adorn printed pieces such as direct mail postcards, event invitations, business cards and labels. Visual and textural enhancements can make a lasting impression. Metallic, embossing, holographic, lenticular, glitter and pearlescent are just a few stunning effects that can add a touch of elegance or edge that will capture the viewer or recipient’s attention.

Using specialty inks to pique visual interest is not the only way to intrigue your senses. There are also scented inks that can be used for scratch-n-sniff stickers [remember those?] or perfume advertisements. Although this is not a new advancement in printing technology, it is becoming more common for companies to use fragrance as part of their branding. For example, if a company’s logo or imagery theme incorporates fruit of some kind, they might add that scent to their business cards to add a personalized reinforcement of their brand identity. Perhaps a flowered scent could be used on a wedding invitation, or a minty scent on a dental mailer. Scented ink is even available for screen-printing now, so your custom apparel can have your signature scent on it also!

Adding texture to printed materials is another way to arouse the senses. Choosing between matte or glossy finishes can evoke two completely different looks and feels. Other tangible finishes and coatings such as raised spot gloss, soft touch varnish or sandpaper texture finish, can add an interesting effect to business cards, tags or branded packaging. For example, a soft-touch varnish feels like velvet to the touch adding a smooth, creamy texture and feeling of luxury. These extra finishing touches in your printed materials will command attention, getting your viewer to stop, take notice and appreciate the piece. Business cards will linger in the hands of recipients, invitations will heighten excitement for the upcoming event, and direct mailers will stand out among the scads of mail.

Combining different elements creates a dynamic and unforgettable piece that your customers will remember you by. Companies like Apple and Samsung use their product packaging to establish an image that people will associate with their brand. Apple’s sleek and minimalistic white packaging marries metallic foil lettering and soft-touch finishing to uphold Apple’s reputation for luxury and high-quality technology. You can easily apply these same printing techniques to your business and make your marketing materials stand out and shine!

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