Studio55For ITV Direct, developing unique audio and video productions for corporate, commercial and web-based clients has always been their strong suit. In fact, ITV Direct is the largest infomercial production studio in the US and proudly offers HD capability, digital editing, custom set designs, media reproduction services, on-location capabilities, and much more. But even production giants like ITV Direct need a little help every now and then, and Sabre Digital Creative was happy to assist.

Known for their work in infomercial production, ITV Direct has had longstanding success in the direct response industry. One of its key differentiators is that it brings together the many facets of direct response—from product marketing and legal compliance to shipping and call center management—all under one roof. By managing and streamlining typically outsourced processes, ITV Direct can reduce overhead costs and passes the savings along to their customers. Another way ITV Direct provides added value to their customers is through ITV Studio 55, the company’s turnkey infomercial production division.

Recently opened to the public, ITV Studio 55 is now leasing studio production equipment to other television producers, advertising agencies, independent filmmakers and the like. With production space and equipment ready for action, and end-to-end direct response services already in place, all that ITV Studio 55 needed next was to get the word out. That’s when they enlisted Sabre to create a multi-functional web site that encapsulated ITV Studio 55’s heritage and its newly-expanded capabilities.

Sabre responded by designing, a customized website solution that includes the company’s history, descriptions of services and amenities, and virtual tours of key areas of the ITV Studio 55 facility in both and high- and low-resolution.