Chances are if you’ve gotten involved in any online advertising or digital marketing campaigns, you’ve heard about landing pages. But for many companies not directly involved in the marketing industry, you may be wondering what a landing page is and why we use them.

Traditionally, a landing page is designed specifically for paid traffic from ads or other marketing campaigns. It’s meant to get visitors to take action – buying a product or service, signing up to be on a mailing list, or receiving free content. A landing page is a critical part of the conversion process to turn visitors into future customers.

Before we get into what makes a great landing page, let’s take a brief look at the difference between a landing page and a regular website page.

Landing Page

– A singular focus with very few, or no links
– No primary navigation to access other website pages
– A simple and bold call to action to get visitors to sign up or buy now
– Clear and concise content on the page that’s focused on converting visitors

Website Page

– Various links on each page to cross-reference the rest of the site content
– A main navigation across the top of each page
– Calls to action vary but often include buttons, links, and forms
– Content is clear and concise but changes on a per page basis

So while a landing page is technically another page on your website, you can clearly see the differentiating factors. Next, we’ll explore the qualities that make a compelling landing page, from both a design and marketing perspective.

Qualities of a High Converting Landing Page

A stand-out headline that makes us want to read on and take action. Many companies, depending on the nature of their marketing campaign, choose to hire a professional copywriter because of the significance of the headline alone. If you think about how long you spend on all the sites you browse, you can start to understand just how vital a compelling headline is to get visitors to consider leaving their information or take action.

The ability to measure the number of visitors and conversions on the page. The more data the better when it comes to measuring the number of visitors and conversions on a landing page. It’s key to know how many people visit the page, who is new and who is returning, how long are they staying, and how many are taking action. Your data here can help you understand how this page is performing, allowing you to make adjustments as needed, and maximize the conversions on the page (aka more sales and more leads!).

Benefits of the product, service or call to action are clearly presented. Another important quality of an excellent landing page is highlighting what the visitor gets if they act now. Benefits are a huge reason why anyone gives out personal information or takes an action – benefits show value. There’s an innate belief that when we are making a purchase or signing up for a company’s email list, that it’s because we feel like we’re getting something highly valuable in return.

A simple prompt for visitors to opt-in, buy now, or take another clear action. You want the actual conversion process to be as simple as possible. Unless absolutely necessary, we do not suggest using lengthy forms that ask too many questions. In these cases, even if the benefits are amazing, a long form could completely deter a visitor from converting. Likewise, if there’s any confusion as to what the next step is, or exactly how to take it, you’re probably not going to see many visitors converting.

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